time-based media
r e c e n t _ p r o d u c t i o n s (22/10/04):

Below is a list of recent website productions:

A recent production for an Architects practice, this website had to present the firm as a harmony of style and engineering. I spent a lot of time with the staff at the firm, as a collaboration to define the foundations of the site.

Working with Blind Ditch as a collaborator on the Vanland project, I also devised and produced the supporting website. Find out about the project here

c u r r e n t _ p r o j e c t s (24/10/02):
'figures' is an animated and live action short i am producing in collaboration with chris speed. it is now in the post-production stage, after shoots in the studio and on mutley plain, plymouth.

p a s t _ p r o j e c t s :
'spacelapse' was produced in collaboration with chris speed in 2001 as the second in a triplet of experimental/educational/documentary films. the film was produced using digital time-lapse photography and live action. the theme centres around an alternative way of looking at a busy street. using data about shop usage by the public, the film shows how different a street can look when using it's social data to describe itself.

'BOOM' is an installation which consists of a highly visible boom microphone and a control application which samples the surrounding environment and replays moments from its history. Some samples are lengthy, some short and percussive. By looping these moments, their context is changed, illustrating the importance of sound in describing a place. I enjoy playing with context and juxtaposition - it is a fascination that is coupled with my practice as an editor - manipulating the order of things in time; choosing what should go before and after a message.

'what resolution' was a short produced in 1999. it is the visual to accompany stuart giles' superb sonic study into the discovery channel.

'milia 2001' is a micro short - it was produced using limbodancer, a piece of software authored to assist in the use the 90's video scratching style by making it possible to add scratched sequences as full video, HDTV, or film, through the use of EDLs.

f u t u r e _ p r o j e c t s :
'buddys' is a screenplay adapted from the truman capote short story, 'a christmas memory'. shooting is scheduled to start imminently.

i am also at the conception stage of a film project that uses voice dubbing as the treatment to the story. the screenplay still has to be written, the length of which is unknown.