digital art


late last year, mike lawson-smith was commissioned by newlyn art gallery to create an installation for the newlyn community in an attempt to encourage discussion about the future prospects of the town. jointly conceived and produced by limbomedia, the installation followed on from the intensions of and would be situated in the town centre for a week, commencing on the night of friday 13th december - the night of the newlyn harbour lights festival. this is a magical event in itself with festive singing and elaborate light displays stretching round the harbour but this year there was a slightly more contemporary element tucked away beside the fish market.

having previously taken a high resolution panorama with the help of motiongrafik we scripted an animated fly around of the panorama with text superimposed on top taken from the chat strings on this was then projected onto the side of newlyn market's ice maker by a pair of very powerful projectors, producing a image approximately twenty foot wide. the overall effect was one of universal appeal as virtually every resident's house could be seen on the projection at some stage of the animation alongside comments from as far a field as the greek island of skyros.

watch the casting-out video

generative performances

limbomedia have now performed their unpredictable, and sometimes unlistenable to, brand of generative soundscape at three different venues. the institute of digital art and technology (i.d.a.t.) idat[a] conference at the university of plymouth, the exeter phoenix arts centre and submerge2002 have all hosted the half-hour long exploration of generative sound production.


vivaria is a project in development that employs the metaphor of the zoo to examine artificial life forms, creativity and the relationships between humans, animals and machines. as part of the project limbomedia worked with the university of plymouth's s.t.a.r. research group and paignton zoo to produce a performance of monkeys typing the complete works of shakespeare. the performance refers to the idea that if an infinite number of monkeys are given an infinite number of typewriters for an infinite amount of time, they will eventually produce the complete works of shakespeare. in this case, the formula is translated to a networked computer environment, in which the monkeys are able to input text which is published live onto the web alongside a webcam view of the production scene.

documentation of the monkeys typing the complete works of shakespeare performance is part of generator, a touring exhibition that started at the spacex gallery, exeter in june 2002.

watch the generator video


the polymorph is a machine, created by mark bowden, that works as an interface between mechanical and digital systems, acting as a 'wave' or 'pulse' generator. despite its precision machining, the physical anomalies inevitably produce 'chaotic' variations, which are then 'mediated into form' by the system. the sound sources and visual output were developed in collaboration with limbomedia and can be seen as part of generator, a touring exhibition that started at the spacex gallery, exeter in june 2002.

watch the generator video

the search for terrestrial intelligence

produced for the s.t.a.r. research group by limbomedia, the s.t.i. project turns the tools of satellite surveillance back on the earth in an attempt to identify signs of terrestrial intelligence. first shown at the dilston grove church, part of the café gallery, southwark park, london, s.t.i. is now available online. the project allows users to identify areas of satellite surveillance photographs that they believe are signs of intelligence, these areas are then analysed and an area that the s.t.i. computer believes shows similar signs of intelligence is returned to the user. these returned areas can, in turn, be analysed by future users who are asked to name them through their own, human methods of analysis.


an arts development project in conjunction with da2 exploring chaucer's the millers tale. this project plays on the idea of narrative structure in three-dimensional space. the project incorporates vrml-based 3d worlds, html, javascript, shockwave, live actor-based performance and a live satellite broadcast.

watch the spectactor fly-through video

janek schaefer

when janek schaefer from required a very specific application to splice and mix audio tracks into certain lengths automatically, limbomedia created the limbosplicer. this simple yet unique application highlights limbomedia's ability to create one-off applications tailored to an individuals specific needs.

a distributed thought

at the submerge2000 show in bristol (13-14th july) limbomedia's a distributed thought picked up the award for the most technically innovative piece. the network installation that demonstrated the infinitely interpretable nature of digital media utilised eight computers each providing a different translation of an initial input. the input used consisted of the many comments of visitors as they entered the limbo 'womb' and were confronted by a multitude of ageing computers.

watch the submerge2000 video

designed and produced collectively by the members of limbomedia, this site was produced in a few days for the bristol-based arts organisation da2. the site is an example of how limbomedia are capable of producing small and simple sites with a very short implementation time. the text cut-up section of the site also highlights our skills in interactive/shockwave toy creation.

another site produced for da2, this time in a few hours for a one off webcast event. the site highlights limbomedia's ability to turn-up, create and set-up a simple site and webcast in a very short period of time.