the playroom

the playroom project involved twenty children in the construction of an interactive artwork that explores both the fantasy and reality of childrens' personal spaces. using drawing, collage, digital photography and image manipulation, the children designed their 'dream' rooms and furnished them with an eclectic mix of fantastic, real, surreal and dreamed of objects. as the work developed, the children attached a textual commentary to objects in their rooms, which describes and defines their significance.

the playroom software was designed and produced by limbomedia in collaboration with fiona bailey (middlesex university) who ran the playroom project with stoke damerel primary school, plymouth. the software is designed to help teachers deliver a very specific part of the syllabus without having to deal with the complexity of more generic multimedia applications such as macromedia's director. it allows pupils to easily construct scenes from multiple images and then add textual rollovers to convey how they view their imaginary rooms. this is the first release in what we hope will be a series of highly specialised and easy to use educational applications.

see a playroom screenshot

try the playroom player online

achieving health and safety standards in c.d.t.

in the key area of health and safety, mere compliance is just the beginning. many computer based health and safety training products focus almost exclusively on compliance issues at the expense of the more challenging but equally important issues of promoting newer and safer working practices. by blending web and cd technologies, limbomedia have developed, on behalf of the orange group, a health and safety training, assessment and reporting resource that covers both core competency (compliance) and provides invaluable guidance on how to adopt and apply new and safer working practices.

see a health and safety in c.d.t. screenshot


"places like streets are the product of a great deal of social interactions, indeed every shop along this street only exists because it is used by people. this simple process makes the street a dynamic and complex system of different activities."

spacelapse is a digital short exploring the fluctuation of the city street conceived by chris speed and produced by limbomedia.

the collaboration helped to produce a visually dynamic composition of the different time frames that high street shops can be said to operate within.

watch the spacelapse video

medialab arts

limbomedia are currently employed as part-time tutors for the university of plymouth's medialab arts bsc (hons) course. teaching subjects ranging from basic computer use to advanced programming and media theory. we are also responsible for the medialab arts website which allows students and visitors to access the course information quickly and easily, as well as view students' work and access a range of websites covering topics from theoretical research to technical help.

t.c.s. module zero website

designed and developed by limbomedia, module zero is a sophisticated modular e-learning website for the training of students on the t.c.s. course. users of the site are able to complete training modules, assessments, and questionnaires in their own time, due to a student log-in function.

the brief was to enhance the communication between the student and trainer before they met face-to-face and to maximise the quality of the course.

the training provides an introduction to terms and concepts that are explored later on in the face-to-face training. after students are assessed on these parts of the syllabus, their results are sent to their trainer together with a completed questionnaire. the trainer is then able to gather more information about the students before they start - a valuable timesaver in a teaching situation.

see a t.c.s. module zero screenshot

the orange group

limbomedia have produced two extensive management training modules for the orange group. the intranet-based training created exclusively in flash allows users to progress through their learning and print out a training log after completing the module. click the link above to see a screenshot of one of the modules.

see an orange group training module screenshot

dartington college of arts

dartington college of arts is one of the uk's most prestigious universities specialising in music, theatre and performance courses. limbomedia have recently been working part-time at the college holding seminars and tutorials on various disciplines within the digital arts for first, second and final year ba (hons) students.

plymouth college of art and design

limbomedia staff have also taught part-time at plymouth's college of art and design covering javascript programming for the multimedia production hnd course.