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the most recent manifestation of the liberarti lounge was held in plymouth, uk on the night of december 16th at the barbican theatre's bbar. it turned out to be a very popular event with plenty of local artists who had been attracted through the local newspaper and poster campaigns. the venue itself was jammed full of people, meaning a few artists didn't have room to perform, this wasn't ideal but was testament to the success of the night and confirmation of a need for continued manifestations of the liberarti lounge.

in addition to local artists there were artists from far a field who submitted work to be disseminated at the event. the rule of non-curation that frames liberarti meant local artists could exhibit next to internationally renowned artists on a level footing. being a gift economy the liberarti lounge ensured no piece was given any monetary value so that it may be handed out free or swapped.

on the night there were performances, short films, net art, xeroxed art and poetry. anyone attending was invited to participate using the materials provided on each table or anything that came to hand. once it is all gathered, the art created on the night will be submitted to liberarti.org. submissions continue to flow to the website that is now a substantial resource of free art. so, until the next liberarti lounge, keep submitting art and at the next event it will be given a real world airing and given out or swapped to aid the art gift economy and reduce its commercial associations.


the aconvention

the aconvention was a long weekend gathering of non-aligned lateral thinkers set in the decomposed splendour of the britannic adelphi hotel, liverpool. the second biennial of contemporary art acted as the stimulus and general excuse to invite, to liverpool, an inspiring collection of scientists, writers, artists, politicians and guests from around the world. these people would share one thing, if nothing else, the potential to invoke the maverick spirit.

limbomedia were invited along as part of the liberarti.org collective but also to create an installation within one of the hotel bedrooms. each artist was allocated a bedroom as an exhibition space, some gave splendid fashion shows, some made toast furniture and some showed videos. we chose to project from within, onto the frosted glass doors, images of the empty room. in addition the audio piece, 'boom' was set-up to secretly record then randomly playback the passing guests' comments. this is how jonathan, the event organiser to whom we are very grateful, described the piece;

"an ongoing attempt to harvest moon dust or similar by virtual and any other means. Room 155"

the description says a lot more than it means but definitely gives an accurate description of the level of highbrow, abstract conversations taking place. there are very few events where you can see uri geller argued down by a wonderfully articulate and aggravated scouser or see zodiac mindwarp's lead singer loudly fall asleep in protest to a speech on lunar architecture.

the aconvention was a massive experience with artists from many different backgrounds coming together to share ideas in a manner outlined by its inspiration, the nova convention, a temporary forum for discussion and performance that happened over a weekend in new york during november 1978 with the main theme being, 'the future of the space programme'.



as the number of submissions grow liberarti.org is becoming an increasingly valid resource for the access to, and presentation of, many forms of art during the liverpool biennial. as it states on the liberarti homepage;

"liberarti aims to provide a social and cultural framework for the production and participation of free art. here you will find lists of artists and projects that are free to see and are in public places in liverpool. this site also contains guidelines and a submissions form so that you can enter your own projects. you can sign up for a listings newsletter to keep you abreast of the latest events".

limbomedia were asked to help conceptualise and then produce and host a website that effectively displayed all submission and access information. this was done in such a way that demonstrated the organisations eye for detail but did not suggest any preferences in the style of content expected. a neutral design, the meaning of which could not be interpreted towards a particular desire for a certain type of work.

anyone wishing to submit art can go to the site, enter their details (making sure it is viewable from a public place within liverpool) and submit the art. you can of course view other artists' work on the site, indeed liberarti.org works as a means of presentation for those not able to get to liverpool before the end of november.

for those not able to present their art online liberarti plans to have a room in the adelphi hotel for the aconvention. see you there.


catalogue 2002

the catalogue 2002 show opened at the start of national architecture week on june 22nd 2002 at plymouth arts centre. it featured the work of seven artists, academics and architects and was kindly supported by the arts council of england, the institute of digital art and technology (i.d.a.t.) and plymouth arts centre.

the concept of the show is a simple one; turn the gallery into a reference catalogue for the public to further access pieces of work that raise questions about the nature of our relationship with interior design and architectural space. six wall size prints of interior living spaces that appear as though they belong in a lifestyle catalogue, become the frames for video projections and vdu screens of the artwork. each interior was selected to act as an appropriate context within which the work makes theoretical and metaphorical sense, consequently tv screens, windows and walls all become canvases or 'holding graphics' for pieces to unfold and animate within.

many of the works selected encourage the visitors to the gallery to visit actual spaces outside the exhibition where each piece can be found within its 'original' context; this may be a website, a movie playing at a scheduled time in the cinema or an actual architectural intervention in another city.

the catalogue 2002 show was curated and produced by frances crow (liminal), kathrin hörschelmann (university of plymouth), ian hutchinson (plymouth arts centre), chris speed (s.t.a.r.) and limbomedia.

watch the catalogue 2002 video


v01d exhibition, book and symposium

a collaboration between limbomedia, the institute of digital art and technology (i.d.a.t.) and plymouth arts centre, the v01d exhibition explored the tensions that exist between the fields of new media and architecture. the show, which ran between 22nd june and 22nd july 2001, was accompanied by the book v01d which contained papers by peter anders, iain borden, stephen perrella and was co-edited by limbomedia's george grinsted. the v01d symposium, which was also held as part of the exhibition, gave us the opportunity to present our current work in the field of online architecture.

watch the v01d video


download the v01d book pdf (3.7mb)

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