p o e t r y s l a m

Sunday 5 March 6pm

A collaboration between the Virtual Literature Festival, Babel and DA2 Digital Arts Development Agency brings a storming evening of 'real' and 'virtual' poetry slamming - the fast-developing artform of live performance poetry. The slam in Bath is partnered by an online poetry jam taking place in Plymouth by STAR (Science Technology, Arts Research, School of Computing, University of Plymouth). The live 'slammers' in Bath will have their words scratched, scrambled and re-mixed by jammers at STAR through special text editing programmes. These new digital texts will then be presented back to the audience in Bath during chill-out periods between rounds of the slam.

To see this event live on the Internet click here on Sunday 5 March at 6pm

The Online Jam is organised in collaboration with DA2 Digital Arts Development Agency and supported by STAR at the University of Plymouth and the European Social Fund. Digital Jam is presented as part of the DA2 programme of digital arts.



Ali Wade
Pete Hunter
Polly Carr
Tim Gibbard
Julian Ramsey-Wade
Christine Ramsey-Wade

The Bath Literature Festival is one of the leading UK events and revels in the word in all its many forms - in print and in performance. This year the Festival also introduces the first Bath Virtual Literature Festival which takes place on the Internet via the Festival's worldwide website. The physical and the virtual will reflect, inform and inspire each other.

The Virtual Festival celebrates the huge impact of the Internet on writing around the world. It features online debate, digital art, an online collaborative writing project, online critical commentary, a virtual writer-in-residence, games and a children's chatroom. Getting involved is easy whether you're an old surfer or a first-time user. The festival has also organised a range of public access points at which you can try the Internet for free, with even a special training course for those who haven't yet ventured into cyberspace!

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