conceptualised in 1999 and founded in 2000, limbomedia has been the lives of its six directors for some years now. with the original decision that if we were going to make high quality multimedia we should make it for ourselves we spent the final year of university consolidating our approach and establishing a base from which to create. after all spending at least a year working for other multimedia companies ranging from realworld multimedia to i.b.m. we gained a keen and varied perspective into many aspects of internal and external requirements which assisted in the formation of limbomedia. once registered, work slowly came in, picking up with each month until we were able to choose the projects we would take rather than having to accept each one. today this is still the case with limbo diversifying into increasingly abstract projects while anchoring themselves with commercial contracts and continued development of the skills vital for education and improvement.

the members of limbomedia all specialise in different areas of media design, as a team of individuals we can work alone or come together to form a powerful collective. with a strong understanding of each other's capabilities and the ability to communicate effectively as a group, limbomedia is a highly creative and efficient production team.

the services we supply include:
we are willing to work on projects or offer a consultancy on any of the areas mentioned below.

2d design and animation
(websites, web banners, digital video)

3d modelling
(websites, characterisation, animation)

digital video
(conceptualisation, production, streaming)

electronic music
(web, film scoring, royalty free, mastering)

high quality web design
(conceptualisation, design, production, hosting, maintenance)

interactive art installations
(events, exhibition spaces)

n.o.f. standard digital archiving
(audio/video digitisation and enhancement, flash and quicktime vr panoramas)

online games
(flash, shockwave)

virtual reality systems
(vrml, quicktime vr, shockwave 3d)