d.f.g.w. is a high profile advertising agency based in soho, london. for the last year and a half, limbomedia have been managing and maintaining the d.f.g.w. website. a recent facelift has breathed new life into their online identity tying in with their new brand relaunch.

limbomedia also produced d.f.g.w.'s 2001 christmas e-card, get stuffed.

following the success of the christmas e-card, d.f.g.w. commissioned limbomedia to produce back off grandma, another flash game for a client whose name cannot yet be disclosed.

play get stuffed

play back off grandma

electric december

towards the end of 2001 limbomedia collaborated with other okso network companies on a 'present' for the guardian's 2001 electric december advent calendar.

the contributors each interpreted life in bristol at a particular time of day - sometimes fun, sometimes provoking, sometimes intriguing but never dull, the calendar built up into a diverse, three-dimensional picture of life in the city over the 24 days of advent.

electric december was hosted and supported by watershed who were the driving force behind the project from the outset. their meeting space provided the ideal location and opportunity to meet with other multimedia practitioners creating for other times of the day. our contribution can be seen in the 14th card.

on the road with s club 7

limbomedia are always interested in collaboration - which is why we were delighted at the chance to work with fifth dimension ltd. on a title they were producing for bbc multimedia, on the road with s club 7.

two of the sections from the cd-rom were authored by limbomedia - 'reach the top' and 'hit the track', employing a variety of gameplay techniques.

the cd-rom was produced in time for the christmas market, and aimed at 9-12 year olds.

on the road with s club 7

twenty4-seven magazine

since june 2001, limbomedia have been writing the regular rightclicker section of twenty4-seven magazine. the column space provided allows us to promote our favourite websites in the southwest while readers catch up on their monthly dose of music and lifestyle news provided by the free magazine. if you're not in the southwest, i'm afraid you just can't get it.

uk online promo

uk online for business is a government organisation set up to encourage the use of ict (information, communication, technology) to enhance the efficiency and success of uk business.

our aim was to promote ideas of connectivity and synergy through communication technology as well as the important role individuals play in changing ideas and perceptions. from storyboard level we wanted to use an engaging narrative to present how new modes of communication can help businesses to grow.

as the video was likely to be watched by a delegate more than once, a multi-layered approach to the narrative and styling of the video was conceived. the result being that a delegate would be entertained from different levels through subsequent viewings.

watch the uk online promo