this section of our website contains brief outlines of any projects that have been conceptualised by ourselves which require outside funding/support to make them happen.

one such example of this is our belief that the potentials of the current internet revolution go beyond that of purely financial gain with education, the arts and entertainment all deserving an equal share. we feel that the incorporation of the internet into more and more aspects of everyday life is set to revolutionise the way we live and there are few places where this is more applicable than the relatively remote communities of the southwest (third world aside). at present the southwest is not fulfilling its potential to expand into the rapidly evolving media industry. the proposals below are intended to show how limbomedia would like to address this situation by encouraging communication across the many disciplines and community wide enthusiasm.

media centre
limbomedia are currently involved with the conception of a new gallery space for plymouth. primarily a digital environment, the intention is also to provide access to a range of art and artists from many disciplines. with a gallery, bar, meeting room(s), digital cinema, workshop and drop-in centre with residential artists' space, the site needs to be large and well organised. we are certain this is a project that would make a real, lasting difference to plymouth especially as other cities in the region are quickly developing in terms of access to art, cultural diversity and social spaces that complement and encourage the discussions taking place within.

while searching for a suitable site, we are hoping to obtain funding from commercial, council, arts and educational sources so that each can be represented and benefit from the one space. the space will be a hub for anyone wanting to learn, relax or socialise in an area they would also be willing to exhibit in. the space would at first, primarily serve as the centre for experimental multimedia in the southwest, thus ensuring the area a place at the forefront of international multimedia development.

at present the educational benefits of the internet are considered secondary to its commercial advantages. we at limbomedia, however, see the potential of the internet to allow people to teach themselves using the combined knowledge available via the many online resources. the introduction of a drop-in centre for local businesses and professionals requiring consultancy in the areas of internet and multimedia development may help to reduce this problem locally. this would not be a free service but profits would be invested in the centre, as would the profits from the hiring of the meeting room(s) meaning free internet points can be provided to those wanting to use the web for educational purposes as well as courses for those new to the technology.

streaming southwest
in order to raise the overall standard of multimedia production in the southwest, a basic infrastructure of multimedia services must be created in order for companies to realise the potentials of digital technology. limbomedia have invested a substantial amount of their profits in a high performance webserver capable of webcasting live events in the southwest. in order to raise this service to the next level we are seeking the investment of capital to purchase a british telecom isdn satellite uplink. this would allow us to provide high quality live video streams from anywhere. with this any events can be instantly and universally accessible on the internet to get a first hand, un-edited transmission.

shared_space is intended to be the control centre for the uk's digital arts. it will manifest as a url from where users can experience, affect, and interact with digital work. this, unlike other online digital arts databases is a working part of the art rather than just a reference. being able to interact and affect the art therefore introduces the concept of telematics and remote/network control to the art.

more and more people are connecting to the global network via mobile devices and broadband internet. as a shared, open medium, artists should be encouraged to use the global network as the most inclusive communication devices ever. the project will concern itself with work that is interactive, has a physical structure or output and is connected to the internet and shared_space, providing an interface for anyone to access.

all change is a triangle of events under development that will take place in plymouth, newcastle and london. it was this which inspired the shared_space proposal with the intention of it being the virtual fourth place, the hub that networks the triangle together.

shared_space needs the support and committee membership of the major arts organisations to develop its intentions and functionality. private funding is also invited to provide high standard digital experiences to as wider market as possible.