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dear friends
on 1st august 2004 limbomedia will cease trading as a limited company. after what will have been four successful years in business, surviving the dotcom crash and several aftershocks, we have decided to buck the economic trend and close the company for personal, rather than monetary, reasons.

all contracts that continue beyond this date will be honored in full; in fact much of the work will carry on in its own way. please see further down this page for our future plans but first...


thank you for helping us to realise our goals
• we are a major interactive arts consultancy
• we have produced many fine interactive projects
• we have attained many of our individual aspirations through the work you have provided


you have helped us achieve
• 1 esso garage temporarily closed
• 4 peace marches attended
• 5 appearances in trade publications
• 15 appearances in various local newspapers
• 16 flash games
• 17 trade exhibitions attended (national and international)
• 23 digital videos made
• 25 exhibitions featuring our work (several touring)
• 30 (rare) limbomedia t-shirts printed
• 32 websites online
• 43 domain names registered
• 98 summer afternoons spent skating on the hoe
• 114 gigabytes of data transfer to and from our many servers
• 120 school pupils benefited from workshops and educational software
• 250 students from five academic institutions taught and learnt from


reminiscing on the past
this site will remain as an archive of all the work we have done in the last four years and as a means to contact us individually or as a whole.

click here to enter the archive


looking to the future
adam will be continuing to program and produce works for the internet, offline/hybrid media and mobile phones, although he is focusing on educational/hybrid games that work within fragmented networked environments. adam will also be continuing to honor hosting contracts made through limbomedia with george and expanding the services available to our clients. he will also be helping to steer the phantom limb into a worthy position. meanwhile adam is still taking on freelance, consultancy and contract work and would love to hear from anyone who requires his skills. on a non-commercial tack, adam will be causing all sorts of activist related trouble for rich phat cats, corrupt councils and rogue governments so clean up your acts or be warned.

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will be running visualise, a digital production company. this means he will be carrying on the work already developed in the area of media production but with a fresh angle. he hopes to continue studying through an m.a. in narrative environments at central st. martins.


drew will be leaving england, taking the chance for a career sabbatical to explore the far reaches of kernow  and the rest of the world. when he returns he would like to continue to work on digital art related contracts, especially integrating the youth and is considering a full-time career as a school teacher. please keep in contact.


will continue to honour all limbomedia ltd's web hosting contracts with adam under the moniker and will contact all relevant parties well before their contracts expire with details of the new service agreements and pricing (don't worry pricing is based on the existing contracts). george is also heading up to london for an m.a. in interaction design at the royal college of art. in the meantime he is still available for freelance work and consultancy on past, present and future projects so do not hesitate to enquire.

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in 2003 scott moved to bristol where he spent two years developing new media titles as a project manager for the company now called fixel ( like limbo, the company are an exciting, highly skilled group of new media producers who have worked together on many large projects. his progression with msc/ma digital-futures as an output for more abstract artistic skills continued at a slower pace through this period, however, since 2005 has intensified. now living in cornwall, scott is working almost full-time on digital-futures. on completion he is undertaking a tefl course, the second half of which takes place in Costa Rica from where he will descend through central and south america. he continues to develop assorted projects, the majority artist but some commercial, if you have any questions please contact him on:

now going it alone, will offers first class digital design and production services under the guise of kananga studios, though design is only half of what this up and coming studio has to offer. will is also making a strong foothold in the independent music scene, with his second commercial release about to hit the shops! he is moving forward with his own music event promotions and offers audio production services for web and dvd soundtracks, as well as remix production services for record labels and recording artists.

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keep in touch!
lots of love from all of us at limbomedia




limbomedia [soon to be un]limited.