casting-out was a project commissioned to mike lawson smith by newlyn art gallery, cornwall in 2002. the project's objective was to stimulate an ongoing and dynamic discussion with newlyn residents of their town as a place of change. limbomedia were asked to consult and collaborate on the project.

as open discussion was an objective of the project, a public forum (web-based message board) was set-up inviting anyone to join in the discussion - the website colours messages depending on where the author resides in the world. the website also contains an interactive map which contains a key to area colours, quantities of messages and sample sentences from the message board. please add to the discussion using the link below.

during december, the casting-out project will be featured in the newlyn habour lights festival. please visit the town for what we hope will be a great spectacle, and watch this space for more news...


"the liverpool biennial is an umbrella event linking several exhibitions of visual art through a programme of marketing and education".

starting on the 14th september and running until the end of november the biennial looks set to contain a city full of exciting art projects, a few of which limbo are fortunate enough to be involved in. one such project is the liverpool liberarti website created under the collaborative title of karen eliot. it aims to provide a social and cultural framework for the production and participation of free art. anyone can submit their art or information on how to access it as long as it is free to see and viewable in any public space within liverpool. it also contains all information on how to access any of the art submitted through the website. so if you have some art you wish to exhibit but don't want to be part of the increasingly consumerist dialog that often goes with exhibiting, please visit the liberarti site and submit your work.

see our exhibitions portfolio for the full story


limbo's second birthday

another year has gone by and we are still going strong. the past year has certainly been an eventful one that has provided many opportunities for us to develop a wide range of interesting projects. as we did last year, we would like to thank everyone for their support and hope they are as pleased to be doing what they do as we are. if you haven't already, check out the trio of birthday webcam's on the homepage to celebrate our special day.

take me to the homepage



this years submerge exhibition was their biggest and best yet with talent being exhibited from all across the region. limbomedia were asked to assist in the conception, development and delivery of the show which aimed to increase dialogue between the different disciplines represented at the three day event. this year our exhibition space took on the aesthetic of a lounge with a sofa, cushions, tv and tv guide. using the tv as a monitor we recontextualised the content away from a monitor to a more inviting situation. using maplins parts and an icube, a remote control was made that flicked through content in our portfolio, alongside this, a mock tv guide segmented and explained all our work. we were also invited to perform one of our unique generative soundscapes on the first night of the exhibition.

see our digital art portfolio for the full story


catalogue 2002

the catalogue 2002 show opened at the start of national architecture week on june 22nd 2002 at plymouth arts centre. jointly curated with limbomedia, it featured the work of seven artists, academics and architects and was kindly supported by the arts council of england, the institute of digital art and technology (i.d.a.t.) and plymouth arts centre. the difference with this show is that each piece is referred to by a large screen print as if in a lifestyle catalogue, these prints act as frames for video projections or screens that display the actual art piece.

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europrix judging

thanks largely to support from the submerge organisation, a member of limbo has been asked to judge at this years europrix awards, held in salzburg. as their website states; evaluation is done according to content depth, outstanding user interface, creative concept realisation, overall aesthetic value and completeness of application. the four day trip is certainly an exciting opportunity and limbo would like to thank the organisers for recognising us as worthy judges for their awards.


the playroom

the playroom project involved twenty children in the construction of an interactive artwork that explores both the fantasy and reality of childrens' personal spaces.

the playroom software was designed and produced by limbomedia in collaboration with fiona bailey (middlesex university) who ran the playroom project with stoke damerel primary school, plymouth.

see our educational portfolio for the full story



a touring exhibition that started at the spacex gallery, exeter in june 2002, generator includes two of limbomedia's collaborative arts projects, polymorph and vivaria.

the polymorph is a machine, created by mark bowden, that works as an interface between mechanical and digital systems, acting as a 'wave' or 'pulse' generator. despite its precision machining, the physical anomalies inevitably produce chaotic variations, which are then 'mediated into form' by the system. the sound sources and visual output were developed in collaboration with limbomedia.

see our digital art portfolio for the full story



limbomedia have recently worked with the university of plymouth's s.t.a.r. research group and paignton zoo to produce a performance of monkeys typing the complete works of shakespeare. the performance refers to the idea that if an infinite number of monkeys are given an infinite number of typewriters for an infinite amount of time, they will eventually produce the complete works of shakespeare. in this case, the formula is translated to a networked computer environment, in which the monkeys are able to input text which is published live onto the web alongside a webcam view of the production scene.

see our digital art portfolio for the full story



d.f.g.w. is a high profiled advertising agency based in soho, london. for the last year and a half, limbomedia has been managing and maintaining the d.f.g.w. website. a recent facelift has breathed new life into their online identity tying in with their new brand relaunch.

limbomedia also produced d.f.g.w.'s 2001 christmas e-card get stuffed.

following the success of the christmas e-card, d.f.g.w. commissioned limbomedia to produce another flash game, back off grandma for one of their clients.

see our promotional portfolio for the full story


spacelapse (speed and harris 2002)

"places like streets are the product of a great deal of social interactions, indeed every shop along this street only exists because it is used by people. this simple process makes the street a dynamic and complex system of different activities."

spacelapse is a digital short exploring the fluctuation of the city street conceived by chris speed and produced by limbomedia.

the collaboration helped to produce a visually dynamic composition of the different time frames that high street shops can be said to operate within.

see our educational portfolio for the full story


s.t.i. goes online

after a gallery tour of england the search for terrestrial intelligence is now online. if you couldn't make it to one of the galleries be sure to check it out.

see our digital art portfolio for the full story


on the road with s club 7

limbomedia are always interested in collaboration - which is why we were delighted at the chance to work with fifth dimension ltd. on a title they were producing for bbc multimedia, on the road with s club 7.

two of the sections from the cd-rom were authored by limbomedia, reach the top and hit the track, employing a variety of game play techniques.

the cd-rom was produced in time for the christmas market, and aimed at 9-12 year old children.

see our promotional portfolio for the full story


limbo joins the okso network

limbo are also proud to announce their membership of the okso network, a band of media and production collaborators - the uk's first 'virtual' digital production agency.

the okso network is made up of okso, limbomedia, films @ 59, thought interactive, autonomous, subliminal, kode digital, submerge exhibition, cimex and insanely great. in order to work on projects that cross many disciplines a core group from okso provides project management and acts as the glue that binds the member companies together. see the okso website for more information.

towards the end of last year limbomedia collaborated with other okso network companies on a 'present' for the guardian's 2001 electric december advent calendar.

see our promotional portfolio for the full story


limbo in print

also since the last update, limbomedia have appeared in computer arts' march issue, cre@te online's january issue and landscape trauma in the age of scopophilia, edited by richard hylton (ISBN 1899282807), the publication that accompanied the landscape trauma show featuring s.t.i.

see the computer arts article

see the cre@te online article

see our digital art portfolio for the full story on s.t.i.


traceyou arrives (finally)

the traceyou project was shown as part of the v01d exhibition last year at plymouth arts centre. as part of the exhibition visitors could choose a website address and then see a three-dimensional representation of the journey the information takes between the visitor and the chosen website. unfortunately the live version of the piece could not be translated to our live server for security reasons but you can view the outputs created during the exhibition and read a little more about the project using the link below.

find out more about traceyou

see our exhibitions portfolio for the full story on v01d


i.d.a.t. website goes live

the institute of digital art and technology (i.d.a.t.) is "an internationally recognised institute dedicated to exploring innovative applications of digital technology and associated emergent practices through intensive collaborations with industry, the arts and science."

limbomedia was asked to design an online presence for i.d.a.t., what follows is the description of the website we produced.

"the site is to be designed by the user.

while informing users of i.d.a.t. this is at the same time a simple user-generated, arts experiment. a user can position navigation icons as they see fit. they will remain there for the next user, once moved again a footprint of the icon remains. these footprints build up, layering over each other to form new shapes and patterns that contain the history of previous use. to define these more clearly the background colour is transitory in nature, users may alter the tones of the site as they see fit."


limbomedia ltd is one!

after a hard week of recovery the news that limbo is one has finally hit the web. a big thank you goes out to everyone we've worked with over the past year, the builders who have finally finished our office renovations and everyone who's still supporting us today.

if you missed our landmark birthday webcam broadcast then check out the archive to see what we got up to.

click here to watch the birthday broadcast

see the recently finished limbo h.q.


v01d book now available to download

v01d a book co-edited by limbomedia's george grinsted and published to accompany the recent v01d exhibition and symposium is now available to download. the book contains work by fiona bailey, stephen perrella, general lighting and power, iain borden, peter anders, chris speed, mike phillips, digital skin and limbomedia.

see our exhibitions portfolio for the full story on v01d


new medialab arts site launched

limbomedia has just re-launched the medialab arts website, incorporating a simple and effective flash interface, this website allows students and visitors to access the course information quickly and easily, as well as view students' work and access a range of websites covering topics from theoretical research to technical help.

see our educational portfolio for the full story


the search for terrestrial intelligence begins

if you're in london between now and the 5th of august then we'd like to recommend the landscape trauma show at the dilston grove church, part of the café gallery, southwark park, london. you'll be able to see the search for terrestrial intelligence project created by the s.t.i. consortium and limbomedia along with work from annabel howland, henna nadeem, ingrid pollard and camila sposati.

s.t.i. turns the tools of satellite surveillance back on the earth in an attempt to identify signs of terrestrial intelligence and will shortly be available online for anyone who can't make it to the gallery. the project allows users to identify areas of satellite surveillance photographs that they believe are signs of intelligence, these areas are then analysed and an area that the s.t.i. computer believes shows similar signs of intelligence is returned to the user. these returned areas can, in turn, be analysed by future users who are asked to name them through their own, human methods of analysis.

see our digital art portfolio for the full story


v01d exhibition

after a scorching month of june, the heat is now temporarily off for all those at limbo h.q. who have been working on the v01d art exhibition. running from the 22nd june to the 22nd july 2001, the exhibition opened to coincide with the national architecture week organised by the royal institute of british architects (r.i.b.a.).

"...the exhibition details the expanding influence of digital technologies in the field of architecture. the definitions of buildings, spaces and places have all undergone transformation as digital processes alter the way we design, construct, conceive, present and ultimately experience architecture...the v01d show provides a chance to view and interact with cutting edge forms of digital architectures. from virtual reality systems, 3d fly-throughs across extraordinary landscapes, to what happens when you let children play with vr technology, the show promises to extend our understanding of buildings as new media emerges and transforms our world." chris speed, exhibition organiser

the content of the v01d show centres around an 'architecture meets new media' theme and features work from four of the members of limbomedia:

the waiting room - george grinsted
traceyou(where_is_the_web\?) - adam child
organic and synthetic - will harvey
boom - dan harris

the exhibition can be seen at:
plymouth arts centre
38 looe street

opening times:
monday - saturday: 10am - 8.30pm
sunday: 6 - 8pm.

see our exhibitions portfolio for the full story


...and book...

an accompanying 72-page v01d book will also be available from 13th july featuring work by:

fiona bailey (uk)
university of westminster

stephen perrella (us)
author of hypersurface architecture

general lighting and power (uk)

iain borden (uk)
author of skateboarding, space and the city

peter anders (us)
author of envisioning cyberspace

please e-mail us if you are interested in ordering a copy of the book and we will contact you with details when the cover price has been confirmed.


...and symposium

limbomedia will also be speaking as part of the i.d.a.t. organised v01d symposium for architecture and new media professionals.

other speakers at the symposium include:

michael spooner (drmm architects)
digital skin
mike phillips (i.d.a.t.)
chris speed (i.d.a.t.)

for more information on the v01d symposium you can complete an application form here or visit the v01d website:


milia 2001

2001 was limbo's first year at milia and certainly proved to be quite an eye opener into all facets of the industry. essentially milia is a massive trade fair like any other, except of course for being held in cannes.

companies pay thousands for stands so that they can exalt the latest world changing products. none of them do of course but you get a free 'scratch and sniff' cd if your willing to listen to how they might.

we went out of curiosity as much as anything else, looking for proof positive that there was a real and tangible presence behind this virtual industry of ours. with us, a laptop and pile of business cards delivered just a day before the flight. we had an obligation to those covering our hours to spread the word, limbo, and we did. this however was not achieved by the means anticipated. we were warned by an old milia pro that all the work and deals are actually done in the bars, clubs and hotels during the early hours of the morning. this was certainly true, it seems this industry is so dependent on a virtual presence that the physical locations they paid thousands for are ignored in lieu of a floating party that moves from yacht to bar to hotel.

despite all the impressions going on there were some strong ideas present especially in the 'new talent section'. away from the high budget presentations and free mouse mats was the new talent section with clearly the most interesting, non-commercial work at the show (except for limbomedia's). rob white's reworking of geoffrey shaw's vrml bike but with the inclusion of a narrative took most praise despite being somewhat limited. other smaller but more considered projects were a multi-perspective narrative in which the footage was shot six times for six characters each with props, angels and lighting that reinforce that characters viewpoint. finally limbo's favourite, onno baudouin's 1-bit projected image of the user forms a surface for lemmings to walk along, until you decide it is time for them to die. to quote the strap line, 'let your body shape interact with virtual lemmings and decide their fate in real time'.

to summarise milia is a an experience limbo will not forget in a hurry and would like to thank anyone involved in getting us there as well as those that made being there so much fun.

watch the milia 2001 video

find out about limbodancer (used to make the video)


limbomedia go limited

we are pleased to announce that we are now a limited company and are currently renovating new business premises. our new head office located in plymouth should be completed within the next month (see picture above).


i'm a student and i'm also a teacher

we are also proud to say that all of the members of limbomedia are now teaching part-time at the university of plymouth. acting as tutors we are running tutorials for the medialab arts bsc (hons) course.

also starting this month george grinsted of limbomedia will begin teaching at the plymouth college of art and design for their multimedia production hnd course. acting as both a student and a teacher scott fletcher of limbomedia this month started a masters in digital futures at the university of plymouth.


dan and drew get out there again

the getoutthere awards were presented last month at the roundhouse, chalk farm, london. is funded by b.t., and the awards presented on-lookers with an opportunity to see how much money b.t. is throwing at not being a monopoly. the awards followed a day of serious discussion about the future of film making, with contributions from established feature film makers.

at the ceremony during the evening event, richard blackwood, kate thornton and gail porter presented the getoutthere awards. dan and drew were shortlisted for the best short film category with their film triangle. dan and stu giles were shortlisted for best music video with what resolution do we really need. dan, drew and stu giles were also nominated for best overall film makers, with beast of bodmin.

the major event on the day was the sharing of ideas that proliferated amongst the film makers who had turned up. getoutthere is becoming a good way for film makers to distribute and test ideas on the public, as well as other artists. commercial funding aside, getouthere illustrates the appropriateness of using the internet as a sharing medium.

watch the triangle video

watch the what resolution do we really need video


we won a monkey

at the submerge 2000 show in bristol (13-14th july) limbomedia's a distributed thought picked up the award for the most technically innovative piece. the network installation that demonstrated the infinitely interpretable nature of digital media utilised eight computers each providing a different translation of an initial input. the input used consisted of the many comments of visitors as they entered the limbo 'womb' and were confronted by a multitude of ageing computers.

limbomedia's will harvey also picked up the award for the most creatively innovative piece for his organic/synthetic vrml world. the world consists of two halves, one organic, one synthetic. as the user moves around the space they are drawn in by the spatialised sound and meticulous attention to detail.

the awards consisted of £500 cash and an avid accredited training course and were presented by mortimer alexander knight and charles and avid respectively.

see our digital art portfolio for the full story

launch will harvey's virtual systems mini-site